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Name: Laura aka Its_Not_Wrong
Age: 22
Location: USA
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5' 4.5"
Favorite Color: Pink
Pets: Two Kitties

About Me
I'm a fandom whore. I easily get into too many fandoms but they are all so lovely. If you wanna see my interests, look below. I read fic, lots of it (mostly of teh gay variety), and write it every once in a while. I'm really tolerant of most things in fandom, so I hope you are too. I rant a lot. Oops. I'm pretty chill. Maybe we should be friends!

Please feel free to friend me! Chances are I probably friended you because I think you are cool, so if you friend me back, you will probably make my day. If you don't want to friend me, that's cool too. Feel free to comment though. Also, if you wanna add me on facebook, drop me a comment to arrange that. Also, feel free to follow me on twitter too.

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Tezuka: Anyone who denies the endless possibilities
of TakaFuji is not qualified to be in this club!


These are my skillz. DO NOT DENY THEM. :3